Maddy is a long-time yoga and meditation practitioner, a passionate yoga teacher, and an established visual artist and mother to three boys. She brings the essence of these diverse parts of her life to Hara—along with her genuine curiosity for the experience of being human and the things that connect us, our environment, and our unique stories, to each other.

Maddy has a continuing interest and deep commitment to the study of yoga and meditation and also pursues her curiosity for Ayurveda as a complimentary health system to yoga. Maddy’s practice is based in a belief that we are all connected to each other and our environment, and that it is therefore essential to be aware of the changing influences around us and make personal alterations in order to support and care for ourselves.

Maddy believes that spending regular time in retreat is pivotal for deepening our relationship with ourselves, and she prioritises this as a part of her commitment to her own practice and teaching.


Julia has practised yoga and meditation for many years. Her personal practice is underpinned by an integral approach to the body, breath and mind and by the idea that "Breath returns me to centre. Nature nurtures my spirit. Finding moments of stillness each day ....... These are aspirations to creating balance and harmony in my self, for my family, and towards my community."

Julia believes the diverse experiences of life as a mother, traveller, actor, drama teacher, human rights advocate and passion for living sustainably on the earth all contribute to who she is and how she works with yoga. 

Her specialisation in pregnancy and postnatal yoga grew with her own experience of practising yoga through two very different pregnancies and births and it is with much joy and a deep respect for this time in a woman's life that  Belly Bliss Yoga was created.

Julia takes every opportunity to further her study and deepen her own practice and with gratitude honours the wise and generous teachers from whom she has learnt over the years both in yogic and buddhist traditions.

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Carrie is passionate about nature, adventure, and movement. She is an 'everyday athlete'- a
climber, trail runner, and wanderer. Carrie came to practice and study Pilates following a series of injuries and niggles, and a desire to understand how she could build a more resilient body. Her motivation being her love for adventure in wild places, and the freedom that moving well brings.
Carrie is passionate about sharing movement - to help others become stronger, more confident, mobile and centred – to be ready for life, and whatever your personal adventure is.
Carrie teaches Pilates-based mat classes at Hara, offering a space for focus and conscious movement. Her classes are small and personal, with opportunities for challenge and progression – and a few laughs! Carrie has completed a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, and is a member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia. She is committed to continuous learning – including delving into other movement practices, such as yoga; and understanding contemporary movement science. She is constantly weaving this learning into her Pilates practice. Carrie teaches mat Pilates, as well as studio Pilates sessions through her ‘side-hustle’ Wild Isle Pilates, whilst juggling life and a career as an environmental planner.


Emma Jo sees a yoga as an opportunity for intimacy with life. She shares an exploration of the foundations of a wholistic and accessible yoga practice - including key postures, safe alignment, meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), and foundational philosophy. Interested in the space between effort and effortlessness, or the space between structural alignment and organic fluidity, in a class with Emma Jo you can expect a breath focused practice that draws attention into the details of the more subtle experience of our bodies - An opportunity to listen, and connect with experience.

Classes are safe and supportive, non competitive, body positive spaces, inclusive of all ages and experience levels, as she offers an invitational practice to help empower students to make choices based on how they are feeling in each present moment.


Deborah began her studies in Oxford and before the physical practice of yoga she began seeking yogic knowledge. With a teaching background in dance and movement, she sought a deeper connection through yoga and began to study with intensity. Her study and teaching of yoga took her from UK to Australia, where she began teaching in Hobart and founded IXL Lounge Studios and teacher trainer for Byron Yoga Centre.

In her seeking for a traditional understanding of yoga she met Atish her Indian Teacher who connected with Deborah's spiritual insights and rich teaching experience. Coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, they found a deep synergy together in their perception of yogic practices, universal inclusiveness, compassion and self seeking.

Deborah's teachings offer both stronger practices within a safe and caring environment, together with deeper traditional teachings in gentle restorative and meditation practices. Her approach is always open and caring and she strives to ensure all students are welcomed into the journey of Yoga.


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