Hara is a Japanese word that refers to our physical and spiritual centre, which is located deep in the belly. Hara is sometimes referred to as ‘one’s true home’ or ‘the seat of one’s awareness’. In many traditions, the Hara is considered integral to our overall health and our connectedness with our environment and ourselves.


Community and relationship lies at the heart of the Hara philosophy and experience. We invite you to come as your own unique self—whether that’s in your ugg boots, pyjama bottoms or gardening clothes. Hara is all about feeling welcomed and relaxed and simply enjoying yoga.


Hara has been created with intention and love to:

  • help you come to know your own strengths and limitations, and to embrace both as integral parts of a balanced life

  • support you to truly live in your own body—the vehicle with which we each navigate this lifetime

  • encourage you to place importance on rest and to make space in your life to regularly, truly return to a state of relaxation and calm  

  • carefully lead you through your practice, to stimulate enthusiasm and joy, to maintain strength and wellbeing, and to gather invaluable tools on the mat that you can use in your everyday life

  • gently encourage, truly listen and genuinely care for you as an individual

  • offer a space that invites reflection, reverence, sincerity, laughter, joy, tears, lightness—to welcome you each time and offer you the safety to explore whatever you bring with you on any particular day



When you arrive at 25 Weld Street, make your way through the timber sliding gate at the driveway. To your far left is a small pathway leading you through the fruit trees to the studio at the back of the garden. 

There is no need to bring anything, Hara is equipped with all you need.

Please be aware that you may come across Ludo the very friendly and enthusiastic dog. 

At different times during the day parking can be congested in Weld Street, however there is plenty of parking in the surrounding streets.


25 Weld Street, South Hobart

Tasmania 7004

Email info@harayoga.com.au

Phone 0408 257 751

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